WaterBoss Water Softener Quality and Warranty Issues

I bought a WaterBoss 900 from Lowe's in March of 2004. I looked on the web and usenet news groups first, but didn't see anything that made me think there would likely be problems. I was wrong.
This unit has been slowly overfilling it's brine tank after the regen cycle is complete. I've only just now figured out why. I still don't have it fixed. The unit is sitting disassembled out in my garage.
The manual that came with the unit had troubleshooting procedures that I followed, and performed the various maintenance, lubrication, and cleaning procedures. In the process I had to dismantle and reassemble the various (all plastic) valve assemblies. That did not fix the problem.
I called the customer support at WaterBoss, and they sent me a replacement brine valve assembly. Calling customer support is a major hassle for me at least, since their hours of operation coincide with my working hours. Since I'm not often at home during working hours, it is kind of difficult to check something that the support person tells me while I have them on the phone. They won't send someone out to do the work, it must be done by the customer or someone the customer pays. Isn't that a great warranty?
The valve assembly that WaterBoss sent me was dry, and the maintenance procedures clearly state that the plunger valve be coated with silicon grease. I went ahead and lubricated the valve per the manual instructions, then installed it. Guess what... I still had the same problem. (It takes a couple of days to be obvious, as the brine tank takes that long to become noticably too full.)
I took some time off work to be at home and called WaterBoss again. This time they told me there is a leak at the plug in the bottom of the media tank. They told me I had to remove the media tank from the cabinet to access the bottom of the tank. I was instructed to tighten the plug once I had the tank removed. Again this is left up to the customer to perform.
The (plastic) media tank is full of water, resin, and whatever else it has. I can not lift it. I was able to rig a hand winch and some straps in garage and lift it out that way.
The WaterBoss customer support got it part right. I could determine the leak was from the edge of the plug. But the (plastic) plug was not loose at all. In fact, when I attempted to tighten it, I couldn't get it to budge. But I did get it to start to tear the plastic plug. As I attempted to tighten the plug using a 3/4 inch socket with a short ratchet drive (no cheater bar or extension) I could feel the wrench start to pull to the side, as the plug material started to fail. So now I need a new plug, which I hope fixes the leak, and I hope I can replace without having the resin come out. I'm not certain that original problem was caused by the plug, or the media tank itself or some unknown seal on the plug.
It strikes me that this unit should have had some kind of pressure test as a part of quality control. Of course with all the plastic in this unit, maybe quality control isn't a priority at WaterBoss.
Best Regards, Frank Fitzpatrick San Antonio, TX
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