Using Performance Data Spec Sheets to figure - Condenser Temp-Split

Using Performance Data Spec Sheets to figure - Condenser Temp-Split
Testing whether the A-C System is delivering the Manufacture's BTUH Rating by checking the Condenser's Delta-T
For the uninitiated, Delta-T is the difference between the air temperature entering and leaving the outdoor A/C condensing unit. This is a good diagnostic check because it measures the latent heat of condensation as well as the sensible heat absorbed by the vaporizing refrigerant in the indoor evaporator coil. I'm betting when you find out approximately how many BTUH the A/C system is actually transferring outside, you may be shocked.
CONDENSER TEMP-SPLITS 18,400-btuh    17.7 Temp-Split 2Ton 24,800     22.8-F Temp-S 2.5T 30,200    19-F Temp -S 3 T 35,600    16-F Temp -S 3.5T 42,500    18-F Temp -S 4T 48,500    18-F Temp -S 5Ton 59,000    22-F Temp -S
By using the various units' base specification sheet data from the dealer, you can determine if it is operating near its BTUH capacity rating.
The Base Spec sheets 12-SEER part no. 421 41 33301 03, Feb 2001. These are the Comfortmaker® units, which are nearly identical to Heil® units. While the "Performance Cooling Data" is listed at a 95-F outside ambient temperature, you can adjust the indoor airflow to get the Nominal BTUH Rating at the customer's normal indoor stat' temp' setting and most outside temp' operating hours.
The compressor's Service Factor will handle the electrical load as long as the discharge gas temp doesn't get above 225-F. The amp draw can vary from 5.7 to 10.7 amps on my Kenmore window unit's spec sheet. The nameplate rating is 7.5 amps at 115 volts, 10.5 that's 5 amps above the rating, or 28½ % above the nameplate rating. [1.3 SF] It will handle up to a 120-F outside ambient.
Take the "listed watts" and multiply by 3.413 to get the BTUH of the motor heat additive to the listed BTUH, then divide by the condenser's CFM. I didn't use any 1.07 multiplier additive. You can make up the charts for 10, 12, and 14 SEER units for specific makes. One chart might include many different makes. The 14 SEER is a whole different bucket of bolts, as it uses a larger condenser and a very high CFM for a lower temp-split. I question whether tech's can get them set-up well enough to get the rated SEER.
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