Tree damage from the October freak storm FAR worse than from Irene

Just got a report about the damage in our Radburn parks, with a comparison to the damage from Irene:
"During Irene we lost one tree and had 1 branch break that needed corrective pruning. Most of the debris that came down during Irene was small dead branches that could not sustain high wind. The landscapers piled them up and our maintenance man took approximately 20 truckloads to the recycling center." (Our town composts yard waste) "The work needed for the damage from the October freak ice/snowstorm involves large debris removal and corrective pruning of 72 trees. Unfortunately the trees that had the best leaf growth sustained the greatest damage. Much of the pruning required is beyond the reach of machinery and will have to be done by climbers. It is a massive undertaking and cannot be compared to the damage hurricane Irene caused."
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