Too good to be true -- Chapter two

So, to follow up.
Friday night I get an email from the seller that s/he went to dust it off and found that the handle had been folded over the electric cord, where it enters the housing, and things had been put on top of the handle, and now the wire was crushed and cut. So immediately the suspicious me thinks, So I won't be able to test it!! Later in the email it says only good for parts, [so the price should be lower] but I'm still thinking it's a way to trick me!
Then I see where they live and use google to look at their house and it's pretty big, far out in the suburbs, with a big yard, and I can hardly believe they have to resort to selling stolen lawn mowers.
Also, she said they paid 300, and I see that Amazon says it lists at 320, and Amazon is charging 260, no shipping charge, so that's a lot and it might have been almost 300 if they bought it in person especially with tax.
But why so cheap now.? I get there and ask how much she wants now that it's parts, and she asks me instead, and I knew I'd be able to fix it so I offer 30, and I'm very happy. She was asking 35 for a weedwacker and I offered her 30 for that too and she took it.
Later I learn, It TURNS OUT THAT HER HUSBAND was in a car accident a year earlier and broke his back. He was on his feet and could walk, but he couldnt' do yard work anymore and they hired someone. It was noon on Saturday, no car in the two-car garage or the driveway, but a lot of cars parked around the round part at the end of the cul de sac. IOW, I don't know if he was home or not.
They had a wheelchair ramp in the garage and it fit really well, along the wall going straight up to the door to the house. (Resting, even at the end at the door, on loose big white bricks, interestingly, but it seemed to stay in the right place) I asked about it and she said it had come with the house, because the previous owners had a daughter in a wheel chair. Came in handy when her husband needed it for a while.
I was too suspicious, partly because last summer there was a yard sale with far too much electronics for one family. Now maybe it was a multi-family yard sale, but no indication of that and I didn't ask. I just left before I saw something I wanted.
So maybe I shoudln't have bought the weed wacker -- post to follow -- , but all in all, it was still a very good deal
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