Superbowl Half Time Flushing Rules

Ok, you'll be drinking lots of beer during the Superbowl. Half time will come and you'll pour about 30 twelve ounce bottles or cans of beer down the toilet (in the form of urine). But DO NOT FLUSH it, unless you last name begins with the letters A thru F. We dont want to flood those who are watching the game in their basements or below grade apartments. If your last name begins with G thru L, please flush at the end of the 3rd quarter. Those with last names beginning with M thru S, please flush at the end of the game, and those with names T thru Z, please flush one half hour after the game ends. Our nations sewers are not capable of handling all that beer piss along with everyone flushing at the same time. Please be considerate of others. We all want to enjoy the game while getting completely smashed.
Those with septic tanks can flush at anytime, but be prepared to move to higher ground if the guys drink more than 20 cases of beer during the game.
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