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I understand your situation very well. we have encountered this situation many times in the past. first let me explain something that you need to know about urine. No matter how many times you clean it, or with what product you clean it with, you will always be able to see the urine stains under a black light. Once the urine is in the carpet, it is pretty much impossible to make it disappear under black light. the best thing you can do is to make sure that you clean, disinfect and deodorize it the best you can. That way at least you know it is as clean and sanitary as possible.
that being said, the two best procedure that I can recommend to you are the following.
1. If there is not a stong pet urine odor at this time, then a simple carpet cleaning along with a strong disinfectant/deodorizer is probably all the you need to use in order to make it as sanitary as possible. The products that we offer which you will need for this procedure are our carpet and upholstery cleaner and our disinfectant/deodorizer. I would recommend our 1.5 or 2 pound container of carpet cleaner and 16-32oz of our dis/deodorizer (either scent will do). A gerneral rule of thumb that you need to know about cleaning pet urine is that if you can not smell it when the carpet is dry, then you won't be able to smell it after you have cleaned it, and the carpet is dry. Just remember that most urine stains will create a stronger smell once they are wet, but will usually go away once it is dry. This is the simplest and cheapest way of treating this problem. This combination of products would be very good for you to have on hand as well. If you can get to any future stains right when they happen, then using these two products together should be all you need to take care of the problem, and it shouldn't allow the urine long enough to cause major problems.
2. If there is a stong urine smell that you are trying to get rid of then the following procedure will be necessary. Extract the carpet with your steam cleaner the best you can using just hot water at first. Then apply which ever pet urine product you have or feel will work the best for you. If you choose to purchase our product, we are more than happy to send it to you, and feel it is the best urine treatment product that we have used, and or tested in the past. Also remember that our products are concentrated and therefore when diluted it makes approximately 4 times the amount you originally purchase. This should help to cut the cost of the treatment. When applying the urine product to the carpet remember that the urine is most likely in the backing and padding of the carpet, not just the carpet fibers themselves. so it is critical that you apply enough product to the stained area that it soaks down into the backing and the padding. Otherwise, it will not be as effective as possible. Once the product has been properly applied allow it to sit for the recommened time. Our product wait time is 30-60 minutes. Then using your steam cleaning machine, extract out the pet urine product using hot water. Once the carpet is completely dry, usually takes a couple of days, if you still smell an odor repeat the process. However, remember that in some severe cases where the pet urine has soaked deep into carpet pad, it may me necessary to pull up the carpet, replace the pad, and then apply the pet urine treatment to the top and bottom of the carpet. This is actaully the most effective way of treating pet urine problems, it just takes more time and effort. So try it without pulling the carpet up first. If the results are satisfactory, then great. If not then you may need to pull up the carpet.
This is the recommended procedure for cleaning pet urine stains. If you need any further assistance or have other question, do not hesitate to ask us. Good luck.
Devron Larson
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