Spacegard/Aprilaire vs GeneralAire filter media

I've got a Spacegard 2200 air filter. This is now sold as an Aprilaire 210, or, at least, it uses the same replacement media. I generally pay $20-$25 for OEM replacement media. I have the opportunity to buy a six-pack of replacement media for $108 ($18 each), but it's under the GeneralAire brand. Now, I'm generally an OEM kind of guy, but I'll allow that there are aftermarket replacement parts for all sorts of things that can be as good as or even better than OEM, often for less money. There's also a fair amount of crap; hence my question. I can't find any comparative information on GeneralAire media. Granted, I'm not saving a ton of money on these, but if they are, indeed, as good as, better than, or even close enough to the OEM media, why not? (I'm generally a capitalist kind of guy, and this is exactly the sort of thing that makes Capitalism work). Does anybody have any experience with GeneralAire filter media? Am I likely to be pleased with these or will I rue the day I placed my order? If the responses are a resounding "I don't know", then I'll stick with OEM.    
Thanks, Mike
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