Ridge vent recommendations

Does anyone have experience with both the Owens-Corning Vent Sure and the Air Vent SingleVentII? (both available from Lowes) I'm in the process of trying to decide on one or the other. I'm leaning towards the Owens.
The Owens comes in a roll and looks like corregated cardboard. It has a very low profile (5/8"). I don't see many posts regarding it.
Pros (based on just a guess) seem to be easier installation, lower price, lower profile, more weather resistant
Cons seem to be lower airflow? (if so, how MUCH lower?)
The Vent Sure has a higher profile and there a a good number of posts recommending it.
Pros seem to be better airflow
Cons seem to be higher profile, higher price, more succeptable to weather?
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