Ridge Vent or Box Vents?

On Tuesday, April 10, 2012 8:05:15 PM UTC-4, DerbyDad03 wrote:

Zinc strips, that's another interesting topic. I just looked into this a bit myself. There are three camps out there:
A - They work great, just put them up at the peak
B - They don't really work at all.
C - They work but only for about 4 ft down the roof.
After looking at a lot of discussion and then looking at some roofs myself, I think C is probably most accurate. In particular, I saw an office building here where you could see black mold on most of the roof, except right below a plumbing vent flashing. The flashing is apparently galvanized, but the effect was only for about 4 feet or so down the roof. That section was clear. Below it, the mold resumed.
So, the problems are it looks to me like you have to do it every 4 ft or so to protect it all and having that zinc staged like that over the roof doesn't look so great. There are also powders that you can sprinkle on that are supposed to prevent mold for a year or two. Don't know how well they work.
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