Reasonable Price for set of 3 steps, was : Replace Dangerous Side Steps.

Reasonable Price for set of 3 steps, was : Replace Dangerous Side Steps.
I apologize for posting this under a new name, but I think people no longer see this thread (no one but aspasia and I are posting), and there are some new questions I can't answer.
On Sun, 25 Mar 2007 23:38:27 -0700, aspasia wrote:

And there is an additional step up to the door sill, and it looked like about 9 inches too.
6 + 9 + 9 = 24 / 4 = 6 would be good
So that would mean three steps before the sill instead of the two you have now.

I thought this was an additional bid since the thread started. The guy is asking 4600 for WOOD steps!!!!! I rarely hire anyone to do anything, but that strikes me as ridiculous to the absurd. Is he making them out of ebony and teak?
Wood steps he can mostly build at home and assemble at your place! Plus removal of the old steps.
I see below it is a she. Same comments.

I don't think they should, but maybe they have a list of fairly priced contractors and carpenters.

Maybe she doesn't want to remove the old heavy steps?

How did those suggestions turn out?

They certainly have 2-step prefab cement steps, and I'd be surpirsed if they didn't have 3-step, but I said I wonder, to encourage others to reply. **
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**She would need a helper to deliver them, maybe 2 helpers. Otoh, if you bought them, the place you bought them would certainly deliver them and would come with a helper or a maybe a portable fork-lift or whatever worked.
If the old steps were gone when they arrived, you could probably tip them 20 or 30 or 50 dollars and they'd deliver the steps to where they should be. Maybe that's not so good because you'd still have to find someone to remove the old steps, and someway to get in between the two steps. Wooden boxes? I forget what exactly your physical shape is like now.
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Why would you remove the old steps? The new ones will cover them completely. Just leave them in place.
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