PEX w/compression fitting type shut off valve

Hey all,
I've got an existing 1/2 PEX supply line going to a compression fitting type shut off valve (brass ring inside fitting). I have since replumbed the remaining connections to the fridge as I had a compression fitting completely fail (1/4 inch tube to tube off the fridge .. didn't tighten it enough apparently... big flood while I was gone).
I have since replumbed the line with a threaded icemaker supply line and just one 1/4 compression fitting side to connect to the fridge. I purposely pulled on the shutoff valve and tried to crank it down as tightly as I could. Through all this, this valve and fitting has yet to fail or leak. However, after my screw up with the 1/4 in (which I did not pull on or test enough) I'm worried that this PEX to shutoff compression might spontaneously fail or leak? From what I can gather .... if it hasn't failed yet and holds up to average handling it should be secure? TIA for any advice on this.
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