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Hi Mike!
D > I don't know if this is the right group to be asking this question in, D > but perhaps someone can help me out.
Sure! We're pretty good at all sorts of things! :)
D > I have a rats nest of phone wires converging on something called a D > "66B4-B Jumper Block" down in my basement. I have phone jacks with D > 4-wire line at various locations in the basement, and I can only get D > one line to work although we have 2 lines in the house. I bought a
I'm going to make an assumption here: you have two different telephone numbers coming in to the house; you're not talking about "call waiting" on a single line, right?
What I would do is start at the demarc for the line that isn't working and make sure I have a dial tone there. I've made some adapters to make my testing a little easier; wall-mount jack (the roughly 2x2" size) has an 18" length of wire terminated by alligator clips -- plug in tester or phone into the RJ11, clip alligator clips on to test points.
Note wire colours, trace to jumper block. Keep tracing to open connection.
It may be easier to add another pair of wires to go from Line2 demarc to somewhere on the Line2 phone line. The signal doesn't have to be connected _at_ the jumper block.
D > little LED tester that plugs into the phone jack, and it checks for D > crossed wires, whether there's 2 lines present, and other things. I D > suspect that something is screwed up at the jumper block because it's D > just too easy to snag a wire there out in the open and pull it loose.
Once you get things working may be a good idea to fasten a cover of sorts over the block to prevent snagging.
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