More on Gutter Guards--and HD

Got whatever was left of the Amerimax plastic gutter guards. At Yonkers HD, $1.59 for the flat 3-ft normal hole plastic snaps-in-outer-edge guard. Had exactly 1 left in brown At New Rochelle HD, $1.47 for a similar guard (also Amerimax), but w/ a fine mesh on the inside, for pine needles, etc. Go figger the price diff! Oh, yeah, they assured me they had a cupla hundred; actually had 43. It never ends over there...
I like the plastic better than the wire stucco-type mesh types, cuz it's much smoother, the leaves will likely stick less. The mesh will likely not allow some of the "spinning" stuff I read about that clogs up normal grills. Easy to put on, I hope pretty easy to take off, AND the mesh will hopefully keep wasps out. To use the plastic, tho, you should have adequately spaced brackets, otherwise sagging might occur, as someone in an older thread mentioned. About half the price of the metal-framed drop-ins from steel-sumpn or other, that also seem to use a fine mesh.
Mr. P.V.\'d (formerly Droll Troll), Yonkers, NY
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