Maytag Stove Burner Paint Chips

The spark ignition for one of the burners on my 5 month old Maytag stove stopped working the other day. They're those newer-style burners that are covered, so nothing can fall inside, but are all one piece (not those ones with the removable covers that just sit on top). It's still under warranty, but I'm an adventurous sort of guy, and I could see it arcing inside the burner (as opposed to outside the burner where it's supposed to arc), so I took the burner off to see if I could figure out what was going on. Turns out the burner was full of paint chips. <shrug> Whatever they coated the inside of the burner with had flaked off over the last few months, and filled the burner to the point where it was apparently shorting out the arc...
Dumping out the paint chips seems to have solved the problem. I imagine the other three burners will eventually stop working for the same reason, and I'll have to dump them out too.
Just thought I'd post this here in case anybody else has the same problem...It'll save you a service call, anyway...
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