Maytag commercial washer won't fill

Hi. My daughter has a Maytag commercial washer that I'd like to repair for her (she cant afford even a cheap used one). I don't know the model name/number (she live's about 45 min. away, I'll get that next time I go over there), but it's probably at least 15 years old). It has a digital front panel (green lighted words & numbers, and push buttons), which lights up fine. If we put money in, it correctly counts the quarters, and when 3 have been inserted, it prompts to select a cycle, we press a button, and it starts a countdown timer, but does nothing else. I've fiddled with the lid switch, to no avail. It is connected to the water faucets, and they're turned on. I'd expect the first thing to happen would be the tub would fill. The washer used to work, but has been in storage for about 4 years, and this is the first time we've tried it since.
What might I check with this thing? I've had good luck working on our own Whirlpool washers and dryers in the past, so I'm fairly familiar with appliance repair,but I've never worked on a Maytag.
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