Lakos centrifugal seperators

I pull water from a lake for household use. The particulate matter is fine silt, algae and asian clam larva. The clams are the real problem. The larva lodge in the pipe joints and grow into clams, eventually plugging the system. I want to use the Lakos as a seperator to drop the solids down to the 50 micron range (get rid of the larva in the heat pump side) and then use cartridge filters to do the final cleaning in the household side of the system. Before someone suggests a sand filter, It will work except I am putting about 10,000 gallons a day through the heat pump in the summer (south Texas) and this plugs the sand filter pretty fast, requiring backflushing, etc. The Lakos advertisments and specs seem to lean toward sand seperation rather than silt and algae. I would really like to hear from anyone who has used the Lakos system in a similar situation. I have asked for a recommendation from Lakos but would prefer some first hand experience from someone without an economic interest. Thanks. Leo
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