Kenmore (Roper) repeated F2 code

The oven is an electric Kenmore, Model 911.4018813, which is made by Roper.
The oven repeatedly (like 10 times a day!) indicates an F2 fault code and the beeping is driving me crazy.
When the oven does work it frequently gives an F3 code.
I checked the sensor, 1096 Ohms at room temp. All the wiring to the control board tests good.
The clock and timer work fine.
We get frequent lightning and power outages.
From searching this group on Google I'm guessing the controller is bad.
Is there any other test I can do? (I can get any kind of test instrument)
Is it worth it to replace the controller or should I get a new oven?
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John Parker wrote:

The sensor can sometimes "wig out" when hot :(
911.######## is Roper built Kenmore with GE parts.
F2 - E0 Oven temp too high 1. Test operation of door lock on self-clean models 2. Test relay contact operation 3. High resistance in oven temperature sensor F3 Open oven temperature sensor or thermal fuse, bad oven temperature sensor harness, or oven temperature sensor resistance too high Replace oven temperature sensor or thermal fuse
F3 Oven temperature sensor opened Measure oven temperature sensor resistance, should be1100 ohms. If not, replace sensor F2 Oven temperature sensor shorted Replace oven temperature sensor F3 Oven too hot Replace oven temperature sensor
F2 Bake/Clean temperature runaway alarm 1. Allow unit to sit for one hour to cool down 2. Place oven temperature sensor in a glass of ice water 3. Measure oven temperature sensor resistance. The oven temperature sensor should measure about 1000 ohms while in the ice water If the oven temperature sensor is good but the problem remains replace the electronic range control (ERC) If the oven temperature sensor is bad, replace it
F3 Oven temperature sensor circuit open Verify the oven temperature sensor wiring harness is OK, if so, replace the oven temperature sensor.
Above are some F2 and F3 codes for Roper....which are never written in stone :/ 3&N%2618 Oven sensor assembly. 3&NS0184 Electronic clock control
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