Kenmore Refrigerator, frost in the top, drips on the bottom...

Hi all, any help is appreciated here... I am no handyman, but if pointed in the right direction, I can hold my own...
My wife and I have a Kenmore (Elite) Refrigerator, freezer on top model. We bought it when we bought our home, so it is less than 4 years old.
Every summer it is the same thing; frost accumulated in one section near the opening of the freeze, and the vents in the back tend to have some frost drops on it...
All I can assume is a bad seal... slipping in a sheet of paper tells me the seal holds fine (although, I am strong enough to pull it out, with little effort)
The Refrigerator portion on bottom has short, stubby icicles hanging from the top in the back, with small puddles of water on my top glass shelf...
I clean the coils yearly.
Would the seals on both the fridge and the freezer go bad after 3 years? If I need new seals, where would a guy like me look to buy them, how much am I looking at spending, and is installation easy?
Oddly enough (or maybe not so oddly) in the winter time, it doesnt do this. I live in Alabama, so sometimes it is so humid outside that you have to swim through the air with SCUBA gear.
any help is appreciated! Jazz Mann
P.S.... it is worth mentioning that upon some research on google, I came across what appeared to be a repairmans blog... the customers problem sounded similar to mine:
(quoting) 2003 Sears Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator(Frigidaire built)(Model#25363722300): Leaking water in refrigerator section in defrost cycle, Needs upgraded ferrule, part#240365901, replaced, worked great.
This part is used in the evaporator section, it tunnels the defrost water to the defrost drain in the back control panel trough, down through drain line to the bottom drip pan.
The complaint the customer will say is happening is that defrost water is dripping on the top glass shelf of the Refrigerator Section.
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