installing GFCI sockets

FA> I've got four 115V boxes in series along my kitchen counter, with the FA> original 35 year-old sockets installed. The home inspector recommended FA> installing CGFI, which sounds reasonable to me.... FA> FA> so here's the setup: FA> FA> ( )_____( )______( )_____( )_____ line FA> ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) FA> FA> Am I correct in believing I only need one GFCI here? Or do I need them FA> in all four boxes?
Yes: the first outlet in the series is replaced by the GFCI. Input (line) to the "Line" terminals; output (to the other outlets downstream) to "Load". The "regular" outlets downstream are now GFCI- protected and a fault at any one or at the GFCI itself will cause the GFCI to trip, killing power to the circuit.
The usual installation of a GFCI is with a properly grounded line. Always worth-while checking/verifying with an outlet tester.
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