I've never had as much trouble as I'm having this year

with sprinklers for the yard. I have used those sprinklers that throw water
by the little spring mechanism for years. But this year, they just won't do
the job. I've taken them completely apart and cleaned them as I always do,
I've bought new ones (which are now plastic) and even tried different kinds
and I can pee further than these things can spray. I thought it might be the
water well losing pressure but I did a pressure test and it's right up there
at about 40psi. We have really heavy lime but I see no signs of that being
the problem. After all, there is plenty pressure at the end of the hose.
Just when you hook up those sprinklers it's blah.
Any ideas.
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It's not just pressure, flow rate is critical as well. There's a great site that has irrigation tutorials. Google and you'll find it.
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Rotating head? Make? Model? What size and spray pattern are the new heads? Nozzles come in half circle, quarter, full, etc., as well as long narrow rectangular pattern. Any chance you switched to wrong nozzle? With 40 psi, you should get good spray. Have you looked around for signs of broken or cracked underground pipe - soggy wet ground, water or sand coming to surface?
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