I must be a plumber ...

Because my jeans sag enough that you can see my buttcrack ... No , not really . Yesterday I put pressure on the supply side plumbing cold lines . Haven't filled the HWH yet because I might need to shift it a bit for drywall install . I'm happy with the supply lines so far , all tight and no leaks . Today I finished the drain side into the septic tank . And I got a leak somewhere . I can hear water dribblin' into the tank , and I'm not putting anything down it . We have a real snow melt/groundwater problem right now , I had to take measures <think dike system> to keep surface runoff outta the ST . Doesn't help that I have had trenches perfectly pitched to guide that runoff into the ST open most of the winter ... Oh well , I can hope that as I get the trenches backfilled and the ground dries out that problem will solve itself . If not , I'm pretty sure I know where the leak is , IIRC there was one joint left unglued because I wasn't sure yet about how I was going to hook into the existing .
Tomorrow I think we'll drive 50 miles to the nearest BBS <Lowes> for the
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