HELP:"Bangs"in ONE Heating Duct.

We had a new furnace installed a couple years ago.
We also had a severe wind storm a month ago, after which this problem seems to have started.
MY duct, the one only to MY bedroom (and no others) gives a "click/bang" sound (more just a very annoying "CLICK") mostly just when the heat kicks in. It *does* happen when the forced air is off as well, but is most predominant when the heating kicks in, at which point I'm often awakened by the clicking sound, and yet not a single other heating vent in the whole house makes that same sound.
It's frustrating as hell, as the sound wakes me, and yet can't be heard anywhere else.
I located ductwork that could be taped up, as it was not solid (a bit loose) and taped it up. Made no difference. Seems as if the problem is located far closer to the furnace itself (tho I just don't know), or somehow tied into the roof exhaust/venting (tho one would think the rest of the ductwork would ALSO be able to hear the same clicking sound, but they don't).
Granted, this is one area of home improvement I just am not familiar enough with, so I may be drawing completely erroneous conclusions...So SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP! The random clicking sound is killing my sleep time. It is only *vaguely* rhythmic, if that is any clue as to what is going on. It mostly is NOT rhythmic. But during the heating cycle, and shortly thereafter, I can almost pin-point a 25 second (or so) rythem to the click/banging.
If anyone has any clue, I'd be so grateful. I've lost so much sleep with this loud click sound waking me that it's driving me F-in crazy.
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