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I > I have a forced air heating system in home, but one of my rooms upstairs is I > preaty cold in winter. I tried adjusting dampers in ducts and I > closing/opening heat registers, but nothing really works. Now I am I > considering installing duct booster fan. There are types that goes inside I > duct (inline) and other that goes on top of the register. Anyone had I > experience with these things and could recommend which thype to use? Review
I > on google shows that common problems with them are: I > 1. Noise I > 2. Not as powerfull as most expected. I > I > I would need something that would be easy to install, quite and powerfull I > enough for big room.
We've had similar problems here. The kitchen was always too cold or too warm so installed an in-line duct fan. Helped some. Main problem was the ductwork would shift slightly and the fan blades would chatter against the sides. Semi-solved that problem rigging up an adjustable suspension. The real fix was when we had the addition built and they replaced that section of ductwork with a larger-capacity duct.
Up here in the Computer Room (upstairs of the original 1-story house) it gets a little cool in winter sometimes. A duct fan mounted magnetically to the vent helps. One problem is the unit slid down; a piece of board and self-adhesive feet fixed that. (The vent is just off the floor.)
(Not sure if the problem up here would have been corrected with a bit of ductwork. They mis-identified the duct going to the bathroom as the one going to the Computer Room. They thought the problem was a partially closed damper -- plenty of air flow to the bathroom!! Most of the duct to the CR is between the walls separating the bathroom and the Sitting Room.)
We had a duct run to the Living Room separated some years back. I was doing so work in the storage area where the furnace is and happened to look and didn't think things looked quite right: the alignment of the two sections was off by about two inches. There was air blowing out of the duct but it was weak -- always thought it was because it was at the end of the house (end of a long run).
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