Hanging a chandelier

DP> I just hung a chandelier. My understanding is that the DP> smooth side of the chandelier wire is black/hot, DP> and the ribbed side is neutral.
Yes: I remember it as "wibbed iz white".
DP> I have 5 bulbs, only 1 goes on. Is this because I wired it DP> wrong the first time? None of the other bulbs have burnt out. Seems to DP> me if the wiring was wrong none of them would work.
I'm reading backlogged messages as was gone for a week visiting my parents so you may already have resolved the problem. Electricity doesn't care which colour the insulation it - that's a convenience for us humans. If you had wired the chandelier backwards and everything else was correct all the lights would have worked. (We could make a bad joke about if wired backwards rather than emitting light they'd suck the light out of the room but.... <g>)
Since the lightbulbs don't care which which contact goes to black and which to white (the convention is done for human safety) we need to check a few things. Are all of the bulbs' black wires mechanically connected to the supply? Same for the whites. May be easier to connect the five black leads (from the bulbs) together and 'pigtail' them to the supply lead: ---- ==== _\._______.______ ==== /
5 wires pigtail supply "." is where twisted together and wire wire wire-nutted
If the wiring is correct then check if the bulbs are good. If the wiring and the bulbs are good then check the socket contact. WITH THE POWER OFF carefully pry the spring contact at the bottom of the socket up slightly - about 1/8".
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