Grass over septic

The recent discussion about not being able to grow grass over a septic came in handy! I dropped some fresh top soil around the back yard, filling holes the dog had dug when it was a pup, bare spots, etc, and was going to seed it. Then I happened to glance at the setpic tank and it was all grown over with grass (again). Sooo, a few scoops & scrapes with a shovel, and I had plenty of sod to put over the bare spots! Roots were a little compacted, but they should love it in their nice new, rich soil! It's a big, cement one so grass loves to grow in the dirt and grass clippings that land on it! \ I"ve long used dirt from the leech field for lawn repairs - things grow like crazy in it! And no, there are no turds! Just good, clean, rich dirt! I discovered T"HAT one summer when I was pulling up those long, white roots that reeds grow from. Reeds arean't bad, but they sure look like hell & let mosquitoes collect!
Thanks fer de idea!! <g>
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