Gots snow on da ol cook stove

I jus gots me a big fat possum wid me 45 dubbl bearrrl shots gun. I gits home an finds snow on me kitchun stove. I knows da ex ol lady dun told me I gots ta bring it in da house but I bin bizee huntin coon an possum and neva gots to it. So da stove is on da frunt pourche and da roof aint finisshed on pourche yet since I onlee beegun it in 95. Anyhoo. I wunda if it be safe to turn on da stove wid snow on da top. It be a lecktrik stove an I dun filled er oven wid wood an sum carosene and wiskee an turned on da lectrick fooze in da outhouse so we git her lots of powa frum da ol ginarater. I gots da thing all on full powa butt is der danjar? She be puttin out 355 volltz rite now an climin on da meter. I gots her filld wid gas an wiskee too. Whatda I do? U telld me so I dun be safe.
I gots da fastist car at da 1999 an 2002 an 2004 an 2005 demoderby. I be da winna and bubba marone be da loooza. Poor bubba dun be da biggist asshoal in town.
Dis emaille be deeliverd by horse an bugee to da big cumputta in da big city. Cool huh...
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