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D > Well, I tried to shut off the gate valves under the sink so that I D > could install new washers on the kitchen faucets and found two D > problems. D > D > The hot water valve closed and immediately started leaking. Since D > it's a high-rise condominium, I don't have immediate access to the D > watershutoff. I tightened the compression nut as tight as I could and D > that stopped the leaking --- but every time I reopen the hot water D > valve, it leaks.
We had a handman do some plumbing work recently; he indicated it was common for the compression nut fittings to drip a little after the valve was opened/closed. Put something under to catch the drips for a few days. (Re-tighten the compression nut.)
D > The cold water valve won't budge!!! I'm pretty big with years of D > weight lifting behind me but it won't move at all.
Perhaps WD-40? Apply a few drops (lightly depress the spray valve), tap the fitting; apply a few more drops a half-hour later, tap again. May take an overnight application (you don't need to stay up all night -- let the WD-40 set).
OTOH the shutoff itself may need to be replaced. Aunt had a similar problem for her washing machine. One shutoff responded to the WD-40 treatement, the other didn't. Plumber replaced both valves.
Caution: be careful with applying too much torque! I can just see you grunting on the shut-off and suddenly the pipe gives way -- water spraying all over the place!
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