Gas Boiler Iginition Problem

When I started my gas boiler this fall, I noticed the radiator is not getting hot so turned the boiler off and re-started. First the fan came on then the automatic iginition started with a series of click sound but no light. So I put a lighter to the pilot jet to see if gas is coming out and was able to light it up. But after a minuted or so click stoped and pilot light went out as well. So this time I measured the voltage going into the gas valve. THere are three wires to the gas valve (PV, PMV, MV). When the automatic igition starts I get 24V at PV but 0 and 1V at PMV and MV. I think when pilot light comes on I should get 24V at MV to open main gas valve, right? Of course I am guessing all these so if anyone can shed a little light on this igition sequence, I would appreciate. Thank!
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