The cargo cover for our vehicle is removable, as an assembly. Often, NOT having it in the car is preferable as it alters the complexion of the cargo area amking some things easier to haul in its absence.
I had purchased some J hooks that I planned on mounting on a wall to support the two ends of the cargo cover (which looks like a rolled-up window shade in its natural configuration).
As I'd like NOT to mar the finish from repeatedly storing and retrieving it, I opted to cover the painted, tubular steel hooks with <something> for a softer finish less prone to "transfering *color*" (scuffing) to the cover.
A length of heater hose is a logical choice -- but, black rubber might want to scuff, over time. So, I opted for clear vinyl tubing.
Of course, it's ID is sized perfectly to coincide with the OD of the J hook! And, as the J hook immediately wants to *bend* (which happens to alter its cross-sectional profile from that of a perfect circle to some distorted version thereof!), getting the tubing to easily slip onto the J hook's body is just not gonna happen!
Didn't want to use any sort of lubrication that would persist trapped in that space as it might eventually leak onto the cover (or my wall!). Also, wanted to exploit the transparent nature of the tubing (don't want to see some gunk inside it!)
First attempt was suggested by the whistling tea kettle. Poured the oiling water through the length of tubing, collecting it in a large, plastic bowl. Sat the tubing *in* that bowl so the exterior was heated as well.
Yikes! The tubing obviously doesn't expect to be used *hot*! The semi-rigid ~3/4" dia tubing became very flacid and pliable. Slide it onto the J hook with ease -- even around that bend!
But, act quickly as it cools quickly when in intimate contact with the room-temperature steel tubing body of the J hook!
Tomorrow, I'll buy some caps to go over the open, tubular ends (as that's where the cargo cover will inevitably BANG against the hooks as it is raised into place on the hooks).
Some problems have delightfully easy solutions! :>
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