Frigidaire 30" Gas Range Trouble

I bought it new four years ago. Every once in a while the oven in the middle of cooking stops. The broiler does the same. Sometimes the broiler or the oven refuses to start. What I mean is the gas seems to cut off. I discovered that by disconnecting the plug from the electrical outlet for 30 minutes or so would cure the problem. I first tried to cut the power from the stove by throwing the circuit breaker for a few minutes but this didn't help. Only unplugging worked.It appeared that the problem would appear after an electrical storm so I installed a small surge suppressor between the plug and outlet. This seemed to help a lot because it happens only about once a month. The electronic control according to the manual can display up to three error messages but never does.
On those occasions when the broiler refuses to fire up, I can see a small section in the rear of the upper burner burning so there is some gas present. It looks to me like section is some sort of pre-burner.
It's model GLGF 377CS. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks.
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