Freezer pops outlet

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Or the possibility that there is another bad component or a frayed wire. Take off the panel on the bottom and look at all the wires. There is a fan down there, does it spin freely? Did the fan blade clip a bare spot on a wire? There is most likely another fan in the fridge that blows cold air from the freezer (probably hidden). Did water get in the light bulb socket? (unlikely, but check everything). It's probably under warranty, but it never hurts to check the common stuff yourself. Could even be a mouse or pet chewed a bare spot on the cord, and if the happened, your warranty would not cover that, so you may as well tape it. Just look around for bare spots and burnt marks, an be sure any fan you see is freely turning. Just for grins, take out the lightbulb and see if that does anything, because the filament may have broke and re-touched itself and is drawing too much current. Very unlikely, but possible. If you dont see any problems, get out the warranty papers.
As others said, DO NOT use a GFI for your permanent outlet. In a garage, you can likely add a non-gfi right next to that same outlet pretty easily unless you have finished walls in there.
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