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Hi L.!
LG> Recently I was repositioning my desk lamp when the bulb blew. As a result LG> all of the ceiling lights and most of the wall outlets in the other room no LG> longer work. I have tried resetting all of the breakers although none of LG> them were tripped and I still cannot get those lights and outlets to work. LG> So my current situation is in the computer room where the bulb blew, only LG> one outlet works. The other does not. In the den area outside the computeLG> room all ceiling lights do not work but one wall outlet does. I am trying LG> to figure if it is possible another electrical box is covered somewhere or LG> the electrical wiring really screwed up. This house about 50+ years old. LG> Any suggestions on where I should start my search?
My guess is the outlet that does currently work may have the failure point in it. (With the power off!) Check the working outlet. Wire could have come loose - or possibly breaks. If there are two blacks and/or two whites connected to the screws on the side of the outlet check if the link between the upper and lower outlet has opened. If pigtailed check to be sure the wires are still together.
If the problem is not in the working outlet check in the next outlet, which could be in an adjoining room (outlets "back to back"). The point of failure could be there.
If the problem isn't in the outlets it is probably in a junction box, generally in the ceiling.
As for the failure being caused when your desk lamp blew, my guess is coincidental timing. If the desk lamp uses an incandescent bulb, when these get turned on there is a lot of current flowing -- could have been enough to kill the wiring problem which was going to fail shortly anyway. I would now consider the desk lamp problem separately from the electrical problem.
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