Elecrical Question Pool

I have Goldline electric chlorine generator for my pool . It's about 3 years old and I'm the lucky that's had nothing but problems from day one. They have replaced the Turbo cell and the circuit board ( both of witch they have never seen before) Well this year I'm losing power to somewhere in the circuit board plane and simple the power to the board is reading 220 the screen display is blank. What I did is clean every electrical connection. well that seemed to work for about 2 weeks then it went blank. So this time I took the cover off with the power on ( not the smartest thing to do) What I found is that when I pushed on the fuse the power would go on let lose off . I did replace the fuse the fist time but it checked out with an ohm meter. Removing the fuse there was a little corrosion on one of the prongs The fuse is one of those small double pronged auto type 20amp. So I cleaned it off but when I replace it I put Ox-Gard anti-oxidant compound on it ( for aluminum wire) I don't see any problem with doing that any thoughts on that? If you are Considering buying a Goldline Chlorine Generator , be warned their service is the worst I have ever seen No mater what the problem they blame the water chemistry of the pool , Even losing power to your unite.
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