Effective cutting/chopping boards.

By the way on the subject of kitchen 'cutting boards'.
For many years, approx. 30, we operated a small family business, catering company; which required being at several locations on the same day and therefore often required cutting boards. Many nice looking and traditional cutting boards were too lightweight, and comprising pieces of different woods glued or pegged together often were more decorative than substantial!
We found that the best cutting boards for durability, ease of use, easy cleaning etc. were floor joist cut offs.
Just the left over pieces of two by tens, or two by twelves etc. The business has now ceased but we still use two of those cutting boards; they fit the domestic dish washer, can be sterilized by that process and/or by heat in the oven and in summer are sometimes 'hung out in the sun' with a treatment of bleach.
These days we have a couple of these off-cut cutting/chopping boards at hand and once used, especially for anything that can contaminate (raw chicken, hamburger, raw meat/fish), they are immediately popped upright into the dishwasher ready for it's next run.
At one point we did acquire cheap/free, somewhere, a substantial butcher's block about 12 by 18 inches. It was too big and heavy for our use and later we gave it to a retired butcher, we knew who, in season, will appropriately handle moose or other game that local licensed hunters need dismembering.
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