Determining size of existing heat pump

I recently bought a house with a Lennox heat pump, about 18 years old.
Model HP19-411-3P. I have the sticker from the HP unit & the installation,
operation & maintenance instructions. I've also looked at all the
labels/wiring diagrams on the inside of the unit's cover. Nowhere in any of
this is the tonnage of the unit mentioned. I can tell you it is charged wih
11lbs 3 oz of R22. Can anyone tell me the tonnage size of this unit, or
where I can find it? The Lennox site anly had the manuals I already have.
Don't think it matters, but the other components are heating element unit
ECB19-15-1Y & air handler CB19-41-1P.
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I'd call a local Lenox dealer and give them the info or try customer service on their website for help. JAT
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