countertop/desk conversion

My Sis upgraded Her countertops to manufactured marble.I took one of the old ones(L-shaped) to wall mount in a nook off the end of a closet..It is sitting in place on the 2x2s but one side of the 33" wide x 73" long "wing" is floating and not very sturdy,,so I need to brace that edge with something that is unobtrusive to a user in an office chair,,I do'nt think dropping a vertical leg is a good option..large shelf bracket/s are the only good option I can think of that allows for movement of a persons legs and gives support.. The 2x2s are hidden under the 30" high top but pose a problem for the proposed brackets as they will have to be modified with a notch to accomodate the 2x2.. The entire area of this conversion desk is 33" x 73" = 16.7 sq ft,,then ad the small leg of the L-shape at 18" x 25" = 3.1 sq ft wich totals 19.8 sq ft of desktop,,it is heavy on its' own and was tough to set by Myself..I also took a 14" wide top that I cut down to fit the 51" opening between the exterior wall and the endwall of the closet,,this adds 4.9 sq ft of shelf space and will be set just high enough to allow for a monitor to slide back into the corner..It is'nt a perfect setup but should suffice and if need be when gaming will hold 2 PCs.. I need to get the final brace/s on before anything can destroy what I've done so far,,looks are a concern but strength and function are primary,,any thoughts? Dean
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