Circuit breakers and rewi

"<> I need to get my house up to code with circuit breakers and "<> possibly rewiring (house built around 1958). How can I tell if "<> I need to get it rewired? What do I look for? I would guess "<> that the expense would be based on how big the house is? One way to tell if any place needs to be rewired regardless of how old the installation is is if the breakers trip from an overload. Another would be the need for more outlets (excessive need for power taps/power strips, etc., of if they are located in the wrong place (such as the nearest outlet for the window a/c is 10' away).
"<> I have had some weird electical things happening (ceiling light "<> in one bedroom burns out bulbs quickly and in the bathroom one of "<> the lights in the ceiling has no juice at all in it. I figure "<> these could probably be fixed by an electrician. Probably. Ceiling lights can burn out rapidly if there is a lot of vibration (such as 'heavy walkers' upstairs or next to a stairway).
The problem with the bathroom light could be as simple as the little metal contact at the bottom doesn't spring up far enough to contact the base of the bulb. (Shut power off, be sure power is off, pry up slightly.) Or could be a broken wire someplace.
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