Burglar Alarms and Home Security

During the past month, I've started two threads about these topics. They generated good responses, indicating a wide interest. So I'm offering the results of my research over the last month here.
For books, I can recommend "Essential Home Security" by Stan Wasilik. (Amazon.com product link shortened)35106291&sr=8-1
For a website:
http://www.alarmsystemreviews.com /
Of course, the book and site overlap in many areas. The book's strength are the many checklists for evaluating home vulnerabilities and pointing out behaviors that may encourage theft (using an expensive laptop in a public place and having a burglar follow you home and smash a car window to steal it).
The website is better regarding hardware. The site is not just a front for preferred products that it sells. It offers great tutorials and unbiased reviews of commercial systems.
I'm not claiming that this book or site is the very best. But they are excellent starting points, and together probably offer all the information you need.
One tidbit I gleaned from another source has to do with garage doors operated by electric openers. Pretty well explained here: http://www.itstactical.com/intellicom/physical-security/safety-announcement-protecting-against-garage-door-break-ins /
Of course, you can also seal the gap someway, and not just with a trim piece that can easily be removed with a putty knife.
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