broken turn off valve on toilet

Help. I have purchased two turn off valves to replace a broken one and
neither work!
The water feed will not come through although the water is turned and
there is water pressure.
Any suggestions about what I am doing wrong?
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Faye Handy
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It's common to report something "doesn't do what it is supposed to do," but what really helps is a description of what the situation DOES DO when activated.
Question: Do you have the (I assume) toilet connected when you attempt to operate the valve? If so, maybe the toilet is full?
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Seems like not enough information to be able to help you.
Are you sure the original shutoff valve was broken instead of there being something else wrong that is preventing the tank from filling? -- such as a problem with the fill valve?
What type of shutoff valve did you take off and what type(s) did you put on? -- soldered fittings, threaded fittings, push-on type new valve fitting?
Is it an angle valve or a straight valve?
It seems highly unlikely to me that your original valve and two new valves all do not allow the water supply to flow through them.
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"RogerT" wrote in news:j1mu7u$k73$
Off course the check for all this is to see whether any water flows without any shutoff valve. Maybe I should bet that there is a secondary shutoff valve, like I hve in my basement for all water to the second floor bathroom.
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Have you tried removing the valve, putting a bucket over the stub of pipe (or perhaps purchasing a length of vinyl tubing that you can stick over the outside of the pipe and then dangle in a bucket) and then turn on the main water shutoff again to flush the pipe?
also, are you testing this with the toilet hooked up, or the fill hose for the toilet dangling in a bucket? it's possible that your fill valve for the toilet is stuck and/or clogged as well.
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Nate Nagel

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