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DW> I have a skylight shaft that I've like to maximize the light coming down. DW> At the bottom is a stained glass window. I could paint the shaft sides DW> gloss white. But what about silver? Is there some reflective sheet metal DW> that I can buy that is even better? A glass mirror would probably be a bit DW> difficult to get up there.
Have some answers from nine years ago -- presume still accurate but we'll know if it isn't! <g>
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ZA-GP>got that problem, so I don't know how well it works. If you ZA-GP>used something that was metalic or mirrored, wouldn't it ZA-GP>throw too much light on things and fry them up?
ZA-Probably would - hmmmm, I *like* fried vegies...but maybe not! ZA-The idea of white wallboard is a good one, though - thanks!
In order of reflectivity, titanium white, flat, is the most reflective, followed by glossy, followed by a number of colors, with the least reflection created by glossy metallic colors such as silver (glossy silver paint only reflects less than 80% of the light which strikes it).
This is kind of nice, since titanium white is about the cheapest paint you can get. And you are right - during the heat of the summer, you can put too much light/heat on plants.
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