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Hi ALan!
AD> I have a phone extension cord pulled from one side of a room to another one AD> (around the room, under the carpet). The thing is that the extension cord iAD> way too long, which results in big bundle of unused cable at the "output" AD> location. I'd like to cut the cable down, and re-attach a new phone plug
Read the problem has been solved; more or less posting this for the benefit of lurkers (though some will probably think I'm posting just to see myself type! <g>)
As another poster indicated, many phone line cords use some sort of foil-like strand for the conductors. I've found these next-to-impossible to neatly strip the insulation, and soldering with standard electronic tools is impossible. (I've been told silver solder would work. Cheaper to buy a new cord!)
When crimping need to be sure the wires are in the correct pin slots. Also appears some line cords are wired straight-through and others as cross-over -- I've rewired (swapped R&G) telephone jacks so the polarity comes out correctly. (And yes, I know most current telephone equipment doesn't care if the polarity is correct or not.)
Part of my the-wire-is-too-long solution is stuffing the excess behind the desk or otherwise hiding it. Out of sight, out of mind! <g>
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