Artesian Well vs. Dug Well

A little history. Wife's grandfather (lived outside of Fedora, SD, not too far from Artesian, SD) told me that they tapped into a flowing Artesian well for the old homestead. Water came out of the ground on its' own, flowed through the house, out to the barn, then into a cattle tank outside and then overflowed onto the ground. He said the belief was that if you ever shut the water off, it would divert to another outlet and then you wouldn't have water anymore. Of course they were wrong and eventually they ran off enough water to lower the pressure until the water quit running altogether. When we used to visit while he was alive, they had a drilled well ( I think he said 700' deep) that had the nastiest water you ever tasted. Smelled like rotten eggs, tasted like rotten eggs, and gave you the scoots better than ExLax. We brought bottled water but some cousins from Washington state would bring KoolAid to add to the water so they could drink it. He used to laugh because he said they never did figure out why they still got the scoots. He was quite the gentleman...lived to 103 and to talk to him, you would think you were talking to George Burns' twin brother.
Tom G.
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