access to underside of lawn tractor??

Bob G. wrote:

Thanks... :) One has to be somewhat careful what one recommends in a usenet group...
I started to make additional comment but decided against it--I'm not sure of which vintage Cub Cadet you're speaking of--the 40-yr old ones were still, iirc, basically the Cub shrunk down some before turning them into the styled lawn tractor although that may go farther back the 40 years, now (geesh, one gets _old_ in a hurry! :) ). In that case, I can see it working, but still have trouble with the thought of subjecting both the tractor and (primarily) the deck to such abuse. My frame of refereence is owning rider lawn mowers to utility tractors from the rear engine 9 hp JD SX thru an old (60's vintage) JD 112 to the roughly 30 hp JD 955 w/ the 6' belly finish mower deck and can't think any of them it would even be possible with w/o catching on either the linkage or spindle guard or the undercarriage of the steering or something similar even w/o considering the weight and the difficulty in getting the front end to "ride up" over the near vertical edge of the deck. I suppose one could rig up ramps or somesuch, but it just sounds like a bad idea in general to me.
I suppose for a particular geometry of tractor and deck it might work--I'll admit that we never had a Cadet even though I remember ogling them sitting on the showroom floor when there was still a Farmall/IH dealership here (and lawn mowing was either the pusher or the walk-behind Gravely sickle-bar so they were an object of envy, for sure! :) ). Although we had Farmalls from the days of the M, the last IH we had was the 560 LPG; then JD came out w/ the 40 series and we switched over almost exclusively to Green although we did by a new AC D17 to continue to use the full line of "snap coupler" implements Grandad had bought for the WD45 he got when he was getting older and wanted something smaller to continue to work with. I put a lot of hours on that combination w/ a 4-row lister and knife sled/cultivator doing milo!
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