2 year old American Standard Central Air system in house.. Just cooling... how ofter service?

Two years ago I had a A. Standard central air system put in my house..
THis is just the cooling..
The company that put it in said to have it yearly maintained... IS
this necessary? I use the system in JUne through Sept... I dont get
heat through this.. just cooling...
Also, I do not know how to clean the filters.. These are special A.
Standard high end filters that are designed to be cleaned with water..
ANyone know where I can find directions online on how to clean them
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Yearly if you don't know how to clean the filters. Dirty filters add to the cost of operation and can impede air flow to the point of causing damage.
Ask them what they will do for typical service check. Clearing debris from the condenser should be done also. Either learn how or pay someone once in a while. How often really depends on environment and hours run.
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Ed Pawlowski
The routing yearly cleaning of filters is something most homeowners do themselves. The filter manufacturer website should have info on how to do that. The outside condenser unit should be cleared of any leaves, debris, etc that is blocking airflow. Coils if dirty can be hosed down. I'm sure there is info on the web you'll find from googling.
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