Need advice on spraying equipment

We have two 3 acre pastures for our 3 horses. We want to get
spraying equipment so that we can spray 24D or Grazon to keep the
weeds down. We don't have a tractor or a 4 wheeler so I have looked
into some kind of rig I can get to go in my pickup. I found a web
site advertising AG Spray Equipment, Inc. I can get a 25 gallon tank
and a receiver hitch attachment that has a single nozzle that sprays
up to 18 feet. That will meet our needs quite well.
Is the AG Spray equipment good quality? If not what would you
recommend? Do you think this kind of a settup will serve our needs?
If not, what would you recommend we get? Thanks for any help
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Jack, I cross posted to a group with some expertise on spraying and just maybe their suggestions might help you obtain the best value for your dollars...
best, J
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Hi Jack
I came across your article on Fimco 40 gallon sprayer. This company has been around for a number of years. They have an office here in Phoenix and I have been selling there sprayers for several years to the golf course industry. If you need more information on this type of equipment let me know I can send you pictures and prices on what you=92re looking for, you can locate me on goaceco on yahoo or hotmail to receive more detailed information via email. Hope to hear from you.
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Fimco spot sprayer

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