My lawn feels awful...advice needed please

Hi all,
My lawn is approx. 80ft x 25ft with a very large (16ft diameter) area of
which the turf has been removed for our above ground swimming pool.
I went out today and the feel under foot of the lawn is terrible. Very
lumpy and bumpy. The overall condition is also terrible with bare
patches and moss.
What product(s) can I put down to start removing the moss, feed the
lawn, etc? and what could these lumps and bumps be?
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Probably no replies because your premise seems to be inconsistent. Turf removed? lawn terrible? What do you really mean???
Moss remover feed the
Lawn food Any garden supply store, hardware store, big box home store, grocery store can supply what you need...just ask the clerk. It's all about the same.
etc? and what could these lumps and bumps be? un-evenness in the ground. You got choices, churn up the ground and level it. Spread dirt over the whole thing and level that. Grass will grow up thru it...if it's not too thick where the divots are. Hire a steam roller to mash it all down flat.
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