Misting problem in sprinkler system

I have an in-ground automatic sprinkler system in the house I just bought. The system is divided into zones. One of the zones has some equipment nearby (generator, A/C compressor, etc). The problem is that this equipment is rusting badly because of all of the spray mist that is being propagated from the sprinkler system. I noticed that the sprinkler heads for this zone are the fixed type, not the pop-up type. They generate very fine water droplets, and most of the water just is in the form of mist that gets carried by the wind. Not a very efficient way to water what is essentially ground cover in the area of that zone.
The existing heads consist of a Toro 570 body with a Toro MPR screw on head. I went to Orchard Supply and looked at Rainbird and Irritrol heads, but they look very similar, and I doubt if much improvement would be created with these.
I would like the sprinklers to emit a reasonably heavy stream pattern of water with droplets that will fall within a few feet of the heads. Instead I have a misting situation where the water just gets airborne and goes everywhere. Is there a type of head that I should get?
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