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I know there are lots of posts about lawns on clay soils but I'm still
not sure what is the best thing to do in my particular situation. Most
of our grass is on clay very poorly draining soil - we've never had
particularly good grass. We are in the middle of having some building
work done which has necessitated having a mini digger on the grass to
dig drainage trenches (sewerage) and now there is no grass left.. its
all churned up. The builder will level it and seed it but personally I
don't think that will be very successful because it is so waterlogged.
What would be the best thing to do?... remove a layer of the clayey
soil, replace with topsoil/ sand?... should I be putting in land
drainage?.. The site really is very wet. We are in Cornwall near to
Truro if anyone can recommend anyone who could do the work that might be
required that would be great.
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With Clay you must break the particles up so by using a deep fork technique place a garden fork right up to the hilt as much as u can then rake in sharp sand. In spring spread grass seed over the area which will outgrow the moss and in time the soil will be managable
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Hmmm I don't know much about it, but just make sure you use the right grass seed. My brother just seeded his lawn two times but used the type that doesn't come back the following year...
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