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I have a craftsman 22" self propelled6.75hp mower about 10 yrs old or
so. THe engine starts good when I go to mow the lawn. After running
for 30-45 mins if it stopds, wither intentionally on my part, or out
of gas, it will NOT restart. Have to wait at least an hour and a half
or more and then it kicks right over. I assume it overheats. I have
turned the throttle down and no luck. Any ideas?
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Check the fuel tank cap's vent hole to ensure it's not plugged. Sounds like the mower is drawing a vacuum on the fuel tank. After it sits for a while the vacuum gradually dissipates allowing fuel to flow once again to the carburetor.
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I have worked on a few mowers in my time and what you describe is a carb problem. It may be the float sticking. I don't know much about the mower you describe but if you want a good mower buy and old Suffolk punch (made in the UK as there is little to go wrong and they are easy to work on. There is loads of info on the web. A running one will cost you about £50 on eBay and if serviced every year will last a life time. DONT buy new mowers you will find them difficult to work on and the parts are expensive.
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