hi, new and need advice on laying a lawn

Hi, we have bought a house with a largish back garden which belonged to
a old couple for 50+ years, and it was just brambles and weeds in the
soil areas. there were 2 garages and shed and a green house, lots of
bits of paving.
anyway. I have started digging the garden. I want to lay lawn. I am
thinking now I need to take some photos!!
there is a good 2 foot of soil, and then i keep finding a concrete base.
I have no idea of what to do. do I need to break this? or should I
remove it? we have had no flooding over the last few months, so I am
assuming that this could be a good sign?
I will try and upload a photo or two.
thanks for any advice
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stinky minky
The picture doesn't appear to have any relation to the description. I see what appears to be pavers on the surface. You said you have two feet of topsoil, then concrete. If the latter is true and you don't have any drainage issues, then you can just seed or lay sod.
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stinky minky wrote the following on 8/14/2012 5:43 AM (ET):
First, get rid of all the debris and clean up before you think about growing anything. It's hard to tell what you have there, besides the debris, that is.
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